Why we are part of Big About Singing

To make friends and have fun. Big About Singing has ladies from all ages and backgrounds, singing brings us all together 

giving a sense of community and belonging.


Singing releases endorphins, which make us feel happier. Singing also releases oxytocin (the chemical that manages stress and anxiety). We always have a laugh at rehearsals but we work hard too. The feeling at the end of a good rehearsal or great performance is amazing. Big About Singing has a real feel good factor. Singing is like a drug but completely legal!


After a rehearsal members find they sleep better, as a result of being less stressed and physically worn out. Singing will help take your mind off politics, deadlines and problems that seem to take over your life. Big About Singing is a great way to escape and revive yourself.


To enhance our mental awareness, concentration, and memory.  During a rehearsal and performance you have to Multi-task by watching Lisa, keeping an eye on the music and knowing when to come in. Use our memory remembering the tune and when to come in. You have to focus concentrating for a full rehearsal or performance. Maths, counting when to come in. All those words and harmonies can seem daunting at first but come along to rehearsals and they soon become second nature.

Health benefits are endless. Singing is a physical activity when we warm up we start with our bodies, breathing exercises and then move on to our voice, all of these get our bodies ready for our Big About Singing rehearsal.  Singing is aerobic it increases oxygenation in the blood stream developing our lungs, improving our circulation, and toning our abdominal and intercostal muscles. Improving our heart rate which reduces the risk of heart disease.  Singing is a great work out.






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